USB 2 serial

Cisco USB console poort:

OTOH, Fig. 3-23 suggests that there is a “real” USB host port (the “EIA Console Port”) which might be able to drive a USB-to-serial, if it’s the right now – if it can be used to connect a modem, it can be used to connect to a console server.  But I’d assume that it only works with a Cisco Certified USB To Serial Cable, which is made by the Cisco Certified Optics Department and appropriately priced.

There are 4 USB ‘ports’ on the ASR920:

‘USB MEM’ – This is for a USB memory stick.

‘USB CON’ – This is the Type-A USB port.

‘AUX CON’ – I had thought this is for a USB modem?

‘CONSOLE’ – This is the EIA connection. I tried connecting my USB-to-Serial adapter to this, too, but no luck.