no service call-home no service config no service dhcp no service finger no service old-slip-prompts no service pad service password-encryption no service pt-vty-logging service sequence-numbers no service slave-log no service tcp-keepalives-in no service tcp-keepalives-out no service tcp-small-servers no service telnet-zeroidle service timestamps no service udp-small-servers

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FreeRadius : RADIUS Attributes : ASR9k VSA :

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For anyone else in the future who may be experiencing a similar issue: Problem turned out to be QoS ACL matching conditions. Docs here state: “Not all IP ACL options are supported in QoS ACLs. Only these protocols are supported for permit actions in an IP ACL: TCP, and UDP Although you can configure …

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esxcli software vib update –depot=/vmfs/volumes/SATA/ esxcli software sources profile list -d /vmfs/volumes/SATA/ esxcli software profile update -p ESXi-6.5.0-4564106-standard -d /vmfs/volumes/SATA/ esxcli software vib update –depot=/vmfs/volumes/SATA/

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NBAR2 Live Updates Protocol Pack 30 is now available on CCO! Please Note: minimal required release for protocol pack 28 and up is now: IOS XE 3.16.4bS Version 15.5(3)Sb4, IOS 15.5(3)M4a. So- what is new, you ask? Brand new protocols support: Splunk: platform for collecting and analyzing machine-generated big data, Google-Downloads: Google downloads and updates …

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