ASR1k capacity/operate

Operating an ASR 1000  |
It would be a single pass through the QFP. The SIP could also be a limiting factor, but since you are split between SIPs that shouldn’t be an issue.
The SIP 40 has 2x 40Gig lanes on the backplane. Are you doing crypto or anything like that which would impact performance?There is a great Cisco Live preso on the ASR1k architecture that might help you get some ammo to go back to TAC with.
According to cisco’s literature the 40G capacity is outbound direction only.
This includes traffic replication so you could have 1G in and 40G out or
50G in and 40G out but you should be able to get 40G out unless you are
using features that are causing core congestion on the QFP (which is possible).