Synchronization & Timing Self-Paced Online Bootcamp (Available Now)

Synchronization has three aspects Frequency, Phase & Time. The need for synchronization is becoming critical for the following industries and deployments,
– Service Providers:┬á Mobile Networks, Performance Management in Carrier Ethernet Networks
– Industrial Solutions: More efficient Manufacturing
– Smart Grid: Replacing legacy Time Distribution with Ethernet
– High Frequency Trading: Regulatory and Market Differentiation

However this topic is being perceived as complex especially if your core expertise is IP networking. Dennis Hagarty from Cisco Systems who is also an industry expert in this area, decided to solve this problem by developing “Synchronization & Timing Self-Paced Bootcamp” which covers technology fundamentals as well as configuration and verification. Complete bootcamp is available on Youtube and has three modules. Below are the Youtube links,

Synchronization & Timing Self-Paced Bootcamp

Clocking & Sync Part 1/3: TDM and Packet-based Frequency Sync

Clocking & Sync Part 2/3: IEEE 1588 and PTPv2

Clocking & Sync Part 3/3: Configuration of Clocking and Timing