LNS question asr 1002

Take a look on this page (Cisco didn’t update it with new models for a long time ) http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/routers/asr1000/configuration/guide/chassis/asrswcfg/scaling.html

The 1002 is limited to 12K
We didnt test the 1002-x but on a 1004 with ESP-20 and RP2 we cross the 32K L2TP sessions without a problem (48K and even 64K for short time )  but it is not recommended to cross the limits

> BTW, any ideas  on the first question? 🙂 that is, realistic numbers
> of active broadband users on a 1002 with a 24K license?
> > You may actually want to look at summarizing this. The best practice
> would
> > be to have a per-LNS pool (either locally managed or from RADIUS)
> > and advertise the summary from the LNS up to the network.
> > You may need to redistribute also connected routes for “fixed IP”
> services
> > where a user may have a custom IP from the RADIUS.
> >
> > Not summarizing means that every connection (and disconnection) is a
> > BGP update driving your CPU utilization across the BGP domain…

> >> Secondly, how does one handle running two LNS servers? How does the
> >> border router know which edge (LNS) to forward too for a particular
> >> IP?
> >
> >      I do it with iBGP where my router is advertising individual /32’s.
> > Yes it makes the route tables longer but it works well in my environment.
> > YMMV.