IPv6 Intelligence – MrLooquer

Please, allow us to introduce MrLooquer -> https://www.mrlooquer.com


MrLooquer combines open source intelligence techniques with heuristic and data mining to perform one of the first attempts to create a real map about

IPv6 deployment and its relationship with current networks and protocols.


MrLooquer is born as an open initiative with Creative Commons license focused on:

– Data discovery

– Visual intelligence

– Relationship


Our main goal is to provide a useful tool for security analysts around the world. MrLooquer allows users to make advanced queries through our big data infrastructure to obtain datasets with relationships between domains, IPv4, IPv6, service informations, geolocation, etc…


We’ve released the first version recently. It’s just the bread and butter… We are developing a roadmap that includes, among other things,┬á threat indicator based on relationships and patterns.


Please, feel free to start using it and we would be thankful for any type of feedback.


Best regards,

MrLooquer team.


Web: https://www.mrlooquer.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrlooquer

Blog: http://blog.mrlooquer.com/