H-VPLS/P2MP style functionality with L2TPv3 inside VFI

 I’m trying to lab up a hub and spoke L2 VPN scenario using L2TPv3.

CPEs are ISR G2s such as 1941 and the PE/Hub is an ME3600. I’m not having much luck so I wondered if I’m chasing a ghost; Has anyone used
L2TPv3 xconnects (due to lack of MPLS) into a VFI on an ME3600 to get this scenario to work?

Perhaps you used something else that worked? Or do you think this simply can’t be done?

When mixing L2TPv3 with VFIs, is the logic present to do things like MAC learning, I’ve never tried this without MPLS and/or BGP.

Something like;

pseudowire-class l2tpv3-class
 encapsulation l2tpv3
 interworking ethernet
 ip local interface looopback 0

l2 vfi TEST manual
 vpn id 100
  bridge-domain 200
  neighbor pw-class l2tpv3-class
  neighbor pw-class l2tpv3-class

int gi0/2
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport trunk allow vlan none
  service instance 200 ethernet
  uncapsulation untagged
  bridge-domain 200

int vlan200
 no ip address