Cisco 7201 (G2) Traffic Performance (High CPU Utilization)

> If the CPU load is high, then check to see what’s causing it.
His sh proc c output snippet indicates that almost all his CPU usage is interrupts – on a software-based platform, that’s indicative of pps, whether directed to the box or through the box.

Is this router on the Internet, or on a private WAN?

Can you enabled NetFlow on the router and take a look at the contents of the NetFlow cache?┬á No, the additional CPU is not a big deal, it’s single-digit.

Take a look at this preso:


sh proc c | e 0.00 would be helpful.

Here’s the older post:

> Ultimately I want to know am I simply hitting a practical
> limit of the box already?
> I’m very scared to enable more WAN links on these routers
> as I am affraid it will max out the available resources.

It’s been a while since I ran any decent traffic through the
NPE-G2, but if memory serves, CPU utilization was not always
linear with traffic. But at some point, it levels out and
climbs slower (given that you’re not running any features
that could cause this).

That said, this was back in the days of SRC, and the NPE-
G2’s I have now are looking glasses, so no major drama

We saw higher CPU utilization at low traffic levels compared
to the NPE-G1, but saw a slower climb as traffic climbed. In
the role you describe, we got to 950Mbps at ~93% CPU