Cisco 6500-E and Modules

1- As far as I understood, If we use SUP-2T on C6513-E, the Fabric Switch Capacity will be 80Gbps(2x40Gbps Channels). Is this correct?

yes in 11 slots

2- We can install WS-x6748-SFP on this setup with DFC4. Is this Correct?


3- Can we install WS-x6708-10G on this setup with DFC4 or Not?

6708 does not have DFC4 or CFC modes, so is not compatible with sup2t, you can use ws-6908-10g.

4- If no then can we use WS-x6716-10G with DFC4?

C6708-10GE-3CXL Local Switching:


Only 69xx modules  are  40 or more  per channel, all the 67xx and the upgraded 67xx ones with dfc4 (rebadged to 68xx) will still be 20 per channel, the DFC does not matter, the fabric asic and hardware on the older modules is all 20g per channel (40g total on dual channel cards).