ASR1000 BGP advertise best-external

>> > Is there any reason why RR running XE can’t advertise best external
>>to its
>> clients? That is nonsense!
>> > Why XR doesn’t have any problems with that?
>> > From a business point of view I understand it very well as you need
>>to buy
>> 4 instead of two routers but otherwise…
>> i don’t use this feature, but the docs say it’s supported on RRs from
>> Nick
>Well yes it is but actually only for nonclients as one can’t advertise
>best external to a RR client.
>So if there’s a PE that happens to be a route reflector as well, then
>this feature is useless.
>On XR there’s no such limitation.

A RR needs to advertise the best path to each RR client, that’s its job.
If it should also send the best-external (which would be, by definition,
not the overall best path) to the clients, you need to use add-path as you
need to advertise more than one path. Have you enabled both? can you share
the config?
IIRC this is the same on XR, you also need to enable add-path on the RR..