ASR-920 – Netflow

Restrictions for Netflow Monitoring for ASR 920 Series Routers

*         Netflow monitoring supports only the 7 keys-Source IP, Destination IP, Layer 3 protocol type, TOS, source port, destination port and input logical interface to identify or classify the flow for both IPv4 and IPv6 unicast traffic. All other keys are notsupported.

*         MPLS and BGP-based netflow is not supported.

*         Non-key fields supported are packets and bytes (collect counter packets and collect counter bytes)

*         Only routed ports (IP Ethernet, BDI) and EFP are supported.

*         EFP flow monitoring can be configured only after configuring bridge-domain on the EFP service instance.

*         Flow monitoring of multicast traffic is not supported.

*         Maximum of 16K flows can only be learnt due to FPGA limitations. Though, Netflow supports 16K entries, flows monitored are lower due to hash collisions.

*         FPGA monitor only 1Gbps traffic rate (with minimum frame size of 100 byte). The accounting is accurate only when the overall traffic monitored is within 1Gbps.

*         At interface level, MVPN/MLDP/SPAN/PBR feature cannot be enabled on the same interface with Netflow configuration.

*         Permanent and aggregate flow caches are not supported due to FPGA limitations.

Configuration of caches entries number is not supported.

*         SADT/BFD feature cannot co-exist with Netflow configurations for the following routers:

o    ASR-920-12CZ-A

o    ASR-920-12CZ-D

o    ASR-920-4SZ-A

o    ASR-920-4SZ-D

o    ASR-920-12SZ-IM

o    ASR-920-16CZ-IM