7600 RSP720 – tcam settings

It was changed in 12.2(33)SXH – when the PFC hits exception on TCAM, it’ll switch “exception” packets (packets to destination that’s outside of known TCAM programmed entries) with a mls hardware-limiter set to 10kpps

Related to TCAM reallocation, make sure the SP bootvar’s config register matches the RP bootvar’s config register. In tech-speak, ‘sh bootv | i eg’ should match ‘rem com sw sh bootv | i eg’.

If it doesn’t, “conf t; config-register 0x2142; end; conf t; config-register 0x2102; end; copy run start” and recheck. A mismatch in how the SP pre-configures itself is immaterial for the basics of IOS configuration stuff, but fatal with respect to TCAM; the box will forcibly reload after 5 minutes endlessly until fixed.


>  IPv4                – 768k

>  MPLS                – 16k (default)

>  IPv6 + IP Multicast – 64k


Aim for 64k IPv6 routes (2 byte boundary)