2 port 100 gig module – ASR9000

cards will work with A9K-RSP-4G. However, the RSP2 has only 92G fabric (4x23G lines), so you will need 2xRSP to come even close to the line rate of 200G (on Trident it’s 2x23G per FIA per RSP so max. 184G with dual-FIA 8xNP linecard + dual RSP2 vs. on Typhoon it’s 8x23G lines /with RSP2/ or 8x55G /with RSP440+/ from LC fabric resulting in the same 184G with two RSP2).


If you lose one RSP, you will get only half the throughput. Luckily with Typhoon you are not tied to 2x23G per FIA to RSP so you can still operate at 92G throughput no matter what port/FIA the traffic comes through (as the Typhoon LC has own fabric connecting FIAs to RSPs fabric) as opposed to Trident, where you are limited to 2x23G per FIA to single RSP2 so if the FIA has two NPs connected, those two NPs can serve only 46G to ports attached to them. For details check BRKSPG-2904 from Xander back from 2013.


Another thing you need to watch is what IOS XR you need to run the cards (for A9K-2X100GE-TR/SE it’s min. 4.2.0) but for certain CFP modules higher version will be required – e.g. CFP-100G-ER4 needs XR 5.1.1.