Link ASA OS MIB ondersteuning Result of the command: “show snmp-server oidlist” ————————————————- [0] sysDescr [1] sysObjectID [2] sysUpTime [3] sysContact [4] sysName [5] sysLocation [6] sysServices [7] sysORLastChange [8] sysORID [9] sysORDescr [10] sysORUpTime [11] ifNumber [12] ifIndex [13] ifDescr …

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ipv6 inspect routing-header ipv6 inspect max-incomplete low 100 ipv6 inspect max-incomplete high 300 ipv6 inspect one-minute low 100 ipv6 inspect one-minute high 300 ipv6 inspect udp idle-time 60 ipv6 inspect tcp idle-time 1200 ipv6 inspect tcp finwait-time 8 ipv6 inspect tcp synwait-time 60 ipv6 inspect tcp max-incomplete host 100 block-time 1 ! interface dialer X …

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ipv6 unicast-routing ipv6 cef ! interface dialer 1 ipv6 address A:B:C:3::1/64 ! interface BVI1 ipv6 address A:B:C:1::1/64 ipv6 enable ipv6 nd managed-config-flag ipv6 nd other-config-flag ipv6 nd router-preference High ipv6 dhcp server LAN rapid-commit ! ipv6 dhcp pool LAN address prefix A:B:C:1::/64 dns-server A:B::C domain-name information refresh 0 12

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Handige site om de SSL sessie te onderzoeken en testen: Windows 2008r2 SSL Schannel  

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